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Dryer Vent Inspection & Cleaning is a commonly overlooked home maintenance item, cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent on a continuous basis is essential to your family's home health and safety. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that lint buildup in dryers and their vents causes about 24,000 house fires per year. Over 400 deaths per year.

In addition, clogged / blocked vents can lead to an increase in the Clothes Dryer Unit itself being compromised with carbon monoxide and overworking. This leads to longer drying times, a defective dryer unit, higher energy bill prices and ever-building fire hazards.

Warning Signs:

Taking Longer To Dry Clothes
Dryer Unit Getting Hotter Than Normal
Burnt Smell
Very Humid Laundry Room
Termination Exhaust Vent Flapper Barely Opening or Not At All
More Than 8 years Since Last Know Cleaning or Never
Dryer Unit Is Cycling On and Off

Note: These are just a few well known signs

Cleaning and Assessment:

To clean the entire Dryer Vent Duct, we use strong air pressure and rotating brushes. The termination hood (cap), transition hose (behind the dryer unit) & lint trap (inside dryer) are also cleaned for accessibility. 
Our technician will notify you of every necessary recommendations and appropriate repairs.

Dry Vent Repairs:

We can repair/replace the termination exhaust vent, transition hose and clamps. We do not service or repair the dryer unit itself. Get an estimate for Dryer Vent Cleaning Today?

Click and get your personalized estimate for dryer vent cleaning! We’ll get back to you and schedule appointment.

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