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Gross filth situations aren't always deliberate, as people get older and reach their later years often may not have as much control over their bodies like they once did. And here and there they can leak a little urine etc.

It's very unfortunate and it can be very embarrassing. It will take its toll over the course of time, leading to a deteriorating property situation. A further example is that it can become very hard to move around in later years, making it extremely difficult to get to the toilet. Fusion Decon won't discuss any job details and you won't have to feel awkward or ridiculed.

It can be frustrating and extremely distressing to attempt a gross filth cleaning. Particularly when, for whatever cause, you are a landlord, property owner or an inexperienced member of the family which comes across it.

What is gross filth exactly? How do you recognize it? Gross filth may be a lot of things, particularly things that lead to very toxic and dangerous living conditions.

Have you ever seen or read of a condemned of a property – found uninhabitable?

Here are some examples of what gross filth could be:


  • Un-flushed toilets or clogged drains with bio-hazard waste.

  • Clogged or over flowing toilets that are not cleaned. 

  • Some do their “bathroom” business in areas other than the bathroom.

  • Unwashed plates and decaying food items in the sink, bathtub, and counter-tops never been cleaned.

  • Excess common household waste, will build up and go unattended for lengthy periods of time.

  • Animals are allowed to urinate and defecate wherever they want and are never cleaned. (Animal Waste)

  • Messy extreme hoarder like conditions.

  • Unkept dirty diapers throughout property

  • Common trash never taken out.

  • Blood soaked feminine products throughout property

What can you do? Fusion Decon has technicians who are highly professionally trained to deal with any gross filth cleanup condition. We urge that you do not address this function yourself or pass it on to maintenance staff.

Not every case is so bad, yet gross filth circumstances can pose serious health dangers and can result in a variety of diseases if not properly handled, some of which may be untreatable. Diseases include Aids, hepatitis, etc.

Get a free estimate, schedule your gross filth cleanup or learn more about our gross filth cleaning services by calling Fusion Decon at (916) 472-3077 in Sacramento today.

Gross Filth

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