Much More Than IAQ Testing

 - All IAQ Threats are Tested 

We are proud to offer more than a visual inspection to our customers. We bring in our own test equipment to each and every job and provide a professional evaluation that detects airborne health risks.

Free inspections of Mold are usually a trick to get a pushy salesman in the door. As professionally trained odor inspectors, we offer a fair and comprehensive service that evaluates your home extensively and exceptionally. We do a thorough inspection for mold, however we offer much more. To detect and expose hidden mold and health problems, we carry out three critically important tools. 


Fusion Decon uses an infrared inspection camera, particle counter and even a HCHO and TVOC tester. Other health problems

affecting any family or workplace are VOCs and toxins. Real Time Readings!

Deluxe Package: Mold Inspection plus IAQ/VOC Inspection with report in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, Auburn,

El Dorado Hills, Sacramento

We will not use "Bully Tactics" or promote a costly contract for repair. We rely on 

real-time testing, intellectually honest assessments and independent laboratories 

to provide our customers with "open and honest facts."​

We have years of professional experience, great qualifications, but we are proud of

our ability to carry out an extreme inspection of molds which is not only opinion

and hype. Some mold problems also mix into residual toxins, chemical sensitivities,

allergies and chronic disease, which requires far more than an assessment of the mold

potential problem. Your health is our concern as certified mold and IAQ inspectors.

When You Hire A Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspector:

When you start hiring a IAQ/mold assessor, their job is to be an informed guide to evaluate the threat of mold or bacteria and suggest the right solution. One aspect of the service is the removal of odor and bacteria, but your well being is significantly more important. The main task is to help you understand the potential threat and solve the problem as efficiently as possible. Since mold and IAQ clean-up can vary considerably (some hundred to several thousand dollars), the premium price paid by a professional mold inspector is indeed the best way to protect yourself against overpriced mold removal costs.

True Certified Professional...

Our inspection costs are not only competitive, we also provide toxic air, pollution and chemical contaminants with real - time testing. If an active mold problem does not cause your health problems, the irritation of your health might be another health threat. Poor air quality prevails more than most people seem to think. We generally find that 30 percent of homes and 80 percent of the companies we test have other air quality problems that can be difficult to detect.

Mold or IAQ illness is a type of air pollution. Toxicity, pollution and chemical residues can cause serious health problems comparable to mold. When IAQ testing, it makes perfect sense to test indoor air quality at several levels in order to find a complete solution to any health problem.

Bacteria/VOC's are a well-known health issue. VOC's may cause allergies, skin rashes, throat irritations, ear infections, headaches and itchy eyes, although not all mold is dangerous. Toxigenic bacteria may cause serious health threats in some cases. If a member of the family has respiratory issues, VOC's, HCHO's, and Odors can amplify health problems and repopulate in the lungs. If family members and friends have skin irritation, itchy eyes, recurrent ear infections, colds and flu too often, allergy troubles or unexpected health issues .... A IAQ inspection may reveal possible IAQ threats or even alleviate your mold concerns at home or workplace.

Sales Mold Scams
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Commercial buildings Properly Trained In The Inspection and Removal of Residential and Commercial Molds

Fusion's Mold Inspectors can perform inspections of mold and cleanup of commercial properties. We also carry out IAQ (indoor air quality) tests at Deluxe Package. 


Deluxe Package: Mold Assessment plus Real Time IAQ Readings plus visual assessment and report with findings and photos.

(Multiple floors or areas additional charges may apply)

The presence of mold can cause:



  • Eye Irritation / Itchy and Watery Eyes

  • Headache

  • Sore Throat

  • Skin Rash

  • Coughing and Sneezing

  • Tiredness

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Nasal and Sinus Ailments Including Runny and Stuffy Nose, and Sinus Infections



If you suspect, see, or smell mold, you should attend to it immediately.

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Helping You Breathe Better!

Safe Guard Your Family, Pets, and Home and Property. Odors, mold, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, and pathogens are safely treated in your home. Fusion Decon offers multiple decontamination treatment service plans. Our cleaner, fresher, allergen-free decon treatment allows you and your family to breathe healthier. Our treatment for indoor air quality provides a healthier home by destroying the odor, mold, bacteria, chemicals and viruses that make your family sick and unhealthy.. We are here to help – available M-F 8am - 6pm to schedule your next inspection!

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