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Meth Lab and Drug Lab Dangers:

Here are just a few things that can be compromised with toxic substances and by-products used in meth labs during drug use or the method of "cooking": 

  • Property structure

  • Contents of the property

  • Carpets/flooring

  • Furniture

  • Drywall/Sheetrock

  • HVAC Air Duct System

  • Wells and septic tanks

  • Yard/Outdoor surrounding of property

It become dangerous for people and animals alike when these materials and environments are polluted and can cause serious health problems. The potentially deadly chemicals left behind can last for months or years after the laboratory is gone, and can wind up into the body through inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption.

Porous products such as upholstered furniture and carpets will accumulate and hold the residue until decontaminated properly!


Meth labs are also at risk of explosion and fire, in addition to the threat of direct harm.

Call on qualified cleaning services from Fusion Decon to ensure that infection outbreaks are managed to keep you, your family and company safe. It is dangerous to take methamphetamine and other substances and dangerous to make them. If you've discovered a meth lab, you have to be extremely careful. The cycle of cooking leaves a poisonous residue that can penetrate walls, tapestries, furniture, and HVAC systems. A qualified professional should clean up a drug laboratory in order to avoid injuries and even death.

Fusion Decon offers reliable, efficient services for drug laboratory testing and decontamination. We will make your property safe again by using the most modern cleaning tools and techniques. The services for testing assessing and decontaminating and reporting are complete, scientifically sound, legally supportable and meet consumer and regulatory requirements.


Meth residue exposure can cause health effects such as changes in behaviour, cognitive harm, and damage to the kidneys and liver. For a number of reasons, young children are especially at significant risk of serious health effects. Children spend a lot of their time at home, where they can come into contact with those hazardous surfaces when playing which significantly increases exposure.

If a house or property has been home to a drug laboratory, it needs professional assessment and decontamination before an official of public health can consider it habitable. You should never try to eliminate such health hazards on your own— not only do you risk further compromising the home or environment, but you endanger your own well-being as well! Instead, call a professional decontamination company.


  • Testing: We begin with comprehensive pre-testing to assess whether the property is contaminated and which areas are most hazardous.

  • Cleanup: Our specialists thoroughly clean the home of the remaining items and debris and remove porous materials such as furniture and carpeting.

  • Vacuuming: To clear any dust and micro-contaminates from the house, we use HEPA-certified vacuums.

  • Decontamination: Our certified meth lab decontamination technicians cover every available surface of your property–including air conditioning systems–with an advanced biodegradable cleaning solution that neutralizes the meth toxic chemicals. To ensure that your property meets or exceeds state, local, and federal meth decontamination requirements, we rinse the product with water.

  • Post-Testing: Fusion Decon run's further testing after the property has been cleaned to report that the home is completely clean. We will submit the decontamination certificate and document to the local and state health departments if needed in your region.

Cost of Decontamination Services:

Decontamination of the Meth laboratory probably costs less than you think it will. You may have heard horror stories of properties that, due to meth residue, had to be completely torn down. Or maybe you're just thinking it's going to end up costing tens of thousands of dollars to get rid of your poisonous estate.

Fusion Decon uses the latest technologies to thoroughly clean the property quickly and effectively. Our process requires very little restoration or rip-out, making it rather inexpensive. If you have property insurance, the insurer is likely to pay for some or most of the decontamination costs. We will actually work directly with your insurance company to take care as much as possible of these specifics.

Drug lab Cleanup and Other Decontamination Services Available

Get a free estimate, schedule your Drug Lab cleanup or learn more about our Meth Lab cleaning services by calling Fusion Decon at (916) 472-3077 in Sacramento today.


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