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After a rodent infestation, damage to property and biohazards may occur until they are treated properly. Rodent feces, in general, contain potentially deadly bacteria and viruses and are a significant health threat. Which is why Northern California residents opt for rodent dropping cleanup services from Fusion Decon.

Rodent droppings tend to crumble easily when they dry up. Once rodent droppings are in such a condition, they break quickly, releasing dust from the feces into the air that may contain the hantavirus. If dust is inhaled from the rodent feces, a person may get infected with the hantavirus. Rodent feces can be safely washed only by using proper personal protective equipment, supplies and devices.

Certain diseases that may propagate through the feces of rodents include salmonella. Usually, if rodent feces (or urine) end up in food items, salmonella is transmitted to humans. Salmonella may cause an unpleasant infection, but it is not usually fatal.

Fusion Decon experts in biohazard cleanup have the training, skills and equipment to deal with even the most serious rodent cleanups that appear. We can manage all aspects of your cleaning, including eliminating rodent waste, cleaning and disinfecting all contaminated surfaces, structural remediation (if necessary), and deodorizing your property with EPA biodegradable eco-friendly solutions.

Rodent dropping removal services are available throughout the Sacramento region from Fusion Decon – Northern California for residential and commercial properties.

Fusion Decon–Northern California, as Sacramento's biohazard treatment and remediation experts, provides qualified rodent cleaning services including decontamination and deodorization. Our rodent feces cleanups are carried out by professionally trained technicians who are all completely certified in the treatment and remediation of biohazards.

  • We start by carrying out a thorough inspection of your property.  We determine the extent of rodent waste and rodent damage, then create a customized cleanup and decontamination plan for your property.

  • We use advanced Eco-Friendly technologies to deodorize all the areas affected, removing any lingering odors left by rodents.

  • We use EPA registered disinfectants of sufficient intensity to decontaminate contaminated surfaces, including porous surfaces which may have been infiltrated by waste materials.

  • We clean up any solid, semi-solid or surface waste safely using specialized equipment to contain and remove these materials from your property.

  • We will document all of our findings as well as any work we do throughout any rodent dropping cleanup.

Insurance policies for homeowners may cover rodent dropping remediation, and our documentation will provide you with the facts you want for your claim.

Get a free estimate, schedule your cleanup or learn more about our rodent feces cleaning services by calling Fusion Decon at (916) 472-3077 in Sacramento today.

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